Abdul Hameed Adam

Adam poetry in Urdu – Designed Collection


He started writing poetry in his late teens (in late 1920’s). It was a time when Akhtar Shirani   and Hafeez Jalladhari   had captivated people and nazams (poems) were more popular than ghazals. Naghma-e Zaar   a work of Hafeez Jallandhari with abhi to mein jawaan hoon   (uploaded here) had just been published. So it would be safe to assume that he was influenced by such poetry. Adam is a master of short meters and simplicity of ideas which touch the heart. He is himself characterized by his friends as a simple, straightforward, and honest man. I feel that every young man/woman who understands Urdu and has access to his poetry, loves it. He shunned publicity. He adeptly and fluently uses words like kharaabaat   adam   mey   khirad   hashr  (all coming to Urdu from Farsi/Arabic), etc. Farsi  terms are blended well. His verses are beautiful and full of musical rhythm. There are about four dozen published collections of his Urdu poetry. The first, Naqsh-e Davaam   was published in 1934. It consists mostly of nazams (as opposed to ghazals), and the style is mostly that of Hafeez Jallandhari, Akhtar Shirani, and Josh Malihabadi (all masters of Urdu poetry of that time). He later turned to ghazals. He also wrote masnawis (long poems) and qataats   (quatrains). His publications include Dastaan-e Heer (1959)   and a masnawi on Pakistans political history, Jhoot Such (1972)   Most of his works are collections of his ghazals. He was so adept in writing poetry that he could complete a ghazal in a few minutes. The last three works were published following his death. His philosophy is of being patient and content in life and not make difficult for others by being greedy. The suffering and sorrows of the have-nots are expressed very efficiently and in a personal manner.

tere dar pe vo aa hii jaate hai.n
jin ko piine kii aas ho saaqii

aaj itanii pilaa de aa.Nkho.n se
Khatm ri.ndo.n kii pyaas ho saaqii

halqaa halqaa suruur hai saaqii
baat ko_ii zaruur hai saaqii

terii aa.Nkhe.n kisii ko kyaa de.ngii
apanaa apanaa suruur hai saaqii

terii aa.Nkho.n ko kar diyaa sajadaa
meraa pahalaa qusuur hai saaqii

tere ruKh pe ye pareshaa.N zulfe.n
ik a.Ndhere me.n nuur hai saaqii

terii aa.Nkhe.n kisii ko kyaa de.ngii
apanaa apanaa suruur hai saaqii

piine vaalo.n ko bhii nahii.n maaluum
maikadaa kitanii duur hai saaqii


subuu ko daur me.n laao bahaar ke din hai.n
hame.n sharaab pilaao bahaar ke din hai.n

ye kaam aa_iin-e-ibaadat hai mausam-e-gul me.n
hame.n gale se lagao bahaar ke din hai.n

Thahar Thahar ke na baraso uma.D pa.Do yak dam
sitam_garii se ghaTaao bahaar ke din hai.n

shikastaa-e-taubaa kaa kab aisaa aayegaa mausam
“Adam” ko gher ke laao bahaar ke din hai.n


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