Urdu Shayari

Urdu hai jiska naam hameeN jaante haiN daaGh
Saare jahaaN may dhoom hamari zubaaN

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills
Urdu Litearture

Urdu اردو has a long and colorful history that is inextricably tied to the development of that very language, Urdu, in which it is written. While it tends to be heavily dominated by poetry, the range of expression achieved in the voluminous library of a few major verse forms, especially the ghazal and nazm, has led to its continued development and expansion into other styles of writing, including that of the short English: WORD URDU, WRITTEN IN URDU SCRIPT IN ...story, or afsana. Being the national language, Urdu literature is mostly popular in Pakistan.



Hindi and Urdu speaker widely used and understood by both user in sub-continent.

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