Roman Urdu Poetry

SMS Shayari – A Relationship Is Not Holding Hands

A Relationship Is Not Holding Hands
While You Understand Each Other,
It’s About Having Lots Of Misunderstandings
Still Not Leaving Each Other’s Hands…:) ??

Boy Proposed A Girl:
I Fell In Love Wid you the Minute I Saw you. Wil U Marry Me?
Urdu Bolo Meki englash Ni Ashni.
Kuch Nhi Behan, Barish Ho Rhi Ha.

One day Brain asked Heart,
why r u sending msgs to people, who don’t reply u back?
Lovly Heart replied to Brain,
u need reasons,
I need relations.

Unknown Calls ;
He : Hey , Do you have boy friend ?
She : Yes , Who are you ? :O
He : Im your brother , Just wait till i come home ! ??
Another Unknown call
He : Hey , Do you have boyfriend ?
She : No ! He : Im your boyfriend , You just broke my heart 🙁
She : Sorry , I thought it was my brother ! ??
He : Haha ! ?? Im your brother Let me reach the house :D:D:D:D

yeh husn bi kitni buri cheez hai
jiss ne daali buri nigaah dali…

Kaisa Waqt Hey Usay Fursat Nahe Muge Yad Krne Ki . . .
Kabhi Wo Shaks Meri He Sanso Se Jia Krta Tha . .

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