Roman Urdu Poetry

SMS Shayari – Today,tommorow and yesterday there will be

Today,tommorow and yesterday there will be.
one heart that would always beat for you..
you know whose ??? .. your own stupid !!!


life without u is impossible
u r in my breath and blood.
i cant stay for a second without u,
if u r not there i am dead oye hello
i m takling about oxygen


To kill a Deer, you need Guns, Swords, Knives and Ropes


To kill a Dear, you need just Silence and ignorance….

“When our absence does not change someone’s life..,

then accept the reality that our presence has no meaning in their life…!


There are thousands of roses on this world,
Even if i gave you every rose to you,
That would still not be enough to tell you
how much i love you <3 ?


Value of relation
is not that how much you feel happy with some one

But it is that

How much you feel ALONE without someone..


A blind man once asked a wise man:
Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight?

Wise man replied:
Losing the “VISION”!


There are a lot of birds
whispering only about you,
You should listen to them
Then you would know,
How much i love you ?


Women admire a man
because he is strong,
But they love hum,
for his weaknesses. ?


True friends are like diamonds,
They are real and rare.
False friends are like leaves,
They are scattered everywhere.

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